Thursday, February 14, 2008


a test


Anonymous said...

Hilarious to find this! I was a long time camper and counselor at RRR! I am now 36 years old and still horse crazy. Very sad to not be able to send my kids there when they are old enough. It was truly the camping experience of a lifetime.

My memories: horse show day at the end of camp (riding Mark, the gelded former stallion). My favorite horses: Banjo, Kahlua, and Peaches. Riding bareback thru the mint on the ranch. Playing "olly olly oxen free" in the woods. Eating Claudia's choc chip cookies. Singing campfire songs and listening to Joe's campfire stories.

I've driven near Comptche many times and always wanted to stop by to see how they are doing. Now I will have to call! What's the number?

Brenda (Welch) Douglas

Anonymous said...

I am a graduate of many years of joyful memories at the ranch as well and am so saddened to find it has closed. Joe & Claudia colored my world with amzing memories and helped me grow into the woman I am now-thankfully!

M.S. Bellows, Jr. said...

To anyone who has subscribed to this comment thread: I just learned that Claudia Ayres has passed away. More details on the RRR alum blog and on the RRR Facebook page

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Peace.